From: Ken LaVerdi, RLG International -

Wyatt Leadership:

I wanted to send a note and let you know how impressed I am with your staff on site here at the Sinclair refinery in Wyoming. My team was brought in due to the poor readiness grade that Sinclair was given during the last AP Network readiness evaluation. Our goal is to help with preparation and the execution of the upcoming TAR, and our tools include schedule quality reviews and what we call TMP (theoretical maximum performance) sessions (which are similar to Kaizen events if you are familiar).

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that the team you have on site here has been very helpful, thorough and have created the most accurate schedule I have ever seen. We have used these tools with such companies as Shell, Chevron, Transocean, Origin Energy, Ensco, BP and Conoco Phillips and the plan/schedule that your team here has produced is the best I have ever seen. Generally, we find significant issues in the logic, sequencing, “phantom lines” and resources allocated. Today, we found almost none of that (1 duplicate line only). It is clear that the team is committed to success even with the unique challenges posed from working here with Sinclair. Also, they have been extremely open and transparent (not the norm with whom we work) and very easy to work with.

I couldn’t go without letting you know how pleased I was this morning. I have never done an SQR meeting and found so few issues with the plan and schedule, and I’m looking forward to sharing this with the refinery manager. FYI, the members on site here that were at the session were Scott Hudler, Chad McClure, C.T. Potter, Nicky Sales and Donny Latham. Thanks-


From:  Jerad Koberstein, ExxonMobil Chemical Baytown

Andrew/Jim/Danny, on Tuesday (5/12) I was walking around Butyl and ran into a couple Wyatt workers bolting a platform on top of a tank. They had very positive attitudes and were more than willing to talk to us about their job and the hazards associated with it. I was pleased to hear them talk thru their alternative plans if their primary plan did not work. They were very conscious of all working at heights hazards particularly around tie-off points and fall protection.

Your team continues to demonstrate safe work practices and positive attitudes.