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"On February 5, 1913, Wyatt Industries, Inc. was chartered in Dallas, Texas as Wyatt Metal Works. The original plant opened March 1, 1913.

This annual report commemorates the Company's 50th anniversary. The occasion, we feel, warrants our stockholders and other friends of Wyatt. Historical highlights are cited not only as inspiration to the young men and women of Wyatt into whose hands the Company's destiny inevitably must pass but, as well, in tribute to the many men and women whose loyalty and energy have brought Wyatt Industries to its semi-centennial stature.

In the pages of history are to be found the portent of the future. In 50 years, the Company has served its country through three wars. It has sustained the impact of government encroachment on profits and on management authority which flowed from the Pandora's box of taxing powers opened by the initial income tax legislation enacted in the year of the Company's founding.

Wyatt has been most fortunate in having leadership with the vision to set the pace for industrial metal products and in having craftsmen with the skill and determination to maintain the pace. From the fabrication of relatively few utilitarian products, our output in metal, rubber, and plastics now is to be found in virtually every part of the world.

The co-veteran of a half-century's effort is invited to reminisce with us through these pages. The investor, the customer, the employee, and the members of the communities in which we are located, are invited to examine the report of our accomplishments over the decades, in general, and in the past year, in particular."

— Excerpt from 1963 Wyatt annual report

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